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Who We Are

Welcome to Bakker Natural Medicine, a compassionate and patient-centered private naturopathic medical practice in Seattle, Washington. We are committed to providing inclusive, accessible, and affordable care that meets each patient where they are at in their health journey. Our practice specializes in primary care medicine, neurofeedback, and physical medicine, utilizing a holistic approach that integrates evidence-based medicine, our doctors’ expertise, and the unique preferences and values of our patients.

You are the worlds leading expert on you…

At Bakker Natural Medicine, we understand that each patient is an individual with unique needs and goals. That’s why we prioritize constructing individualized treatment plans that are effective and aligned with your personal preferences and values. Our experienced naturopathic physicians combine their extensive medical knowledge with your input to create a collaborative healthcare experience. By considering evidence-based medicine, their own expertise, and your unique circumstances, we ensure that your treatment plan is tailored to optimize your well-being.

An Integrative Medical Experience

We believe in the power of a multidimensional approach to healthcare. Our primary care medicine services cover a broad spectrum of needs, including preventive care, routine check-ups, and chronic disease management. Through attentive listening and open dialogue, our doctors take the time to understand your health concerns and work with you to achieve your health goals. In addition, our practice offers neurofeedback therapy and physical medicine treatments that aim to enhance brain function and musculoskeletal health, respectively. By integrating these modalities into our care plans, we provide comprehensive and effective solutions that address your specific health needs.

Respect for our patients beliefs, needs and unique circumstances…

Experience a personalized and patient-centered approach at Bakker Natural Medicine. We are dedicated to providing inclusive, accessible, and affordable care that respects your unique circumstances. Our commitment to evidence-based medicine, our doctors’ expertise, and your preferences and values ensures that you receive individualized treatment plans that are both effective and aligned with your overall well-being. Schedule an appointment with us today and embark on a transformative healthcare journey that is tailored specifically for you.


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